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Lighting the Regions is now complete!

The largest streetlight partnership project of its type ever undertaken in Australia, Lighting the Regions, is a brilliant example of what is possible when local government, sustainability alliances and the Australian government come together to create more energy efficient and sustainable communities.

The Lighting the Regions project has overseen the replacement of over 22,600 residential and shared street lights across an area covering almost 45% of regional Victoria. The old mercury vapour streetlights have been replaced with new LED lights providing brighter street lighting for over 300,000 residents. An estimated reduction of 180,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions will be achieved in the next 20 years and up to $57 million in operating and energy costs saved over the life of the new lights.

The local government bodies involved in the project have already recorded substantial energy savings and have had positive community feedback on the project.

Region map